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    Good Old Boys Network LogoAre you a home owner or a renter? Do you own a business in need of assistance? Are you looking for an honest and dependable local company for your needs and / or project? Are you looking for a community that will stand with you rather than behind you? If you answered yes then look no further because you are here!

    Welcome to the community! We are glad you are here. The GOBN is a community that was created to benefit the local community. We work with local businesses that stand behind their word and their work, are operated by honest men and women, have the experience needed for the job, and deliver in a cost effective / timely fashion.

    Good Old Boys Network gives you access to the best of the best in your area. Do you need a contractor to fix that hole in the drywall? Is it time to replace those old gutters or put a new coat of paint on the house? Are you ready for a new roof? Maybe your vehicle is in need of a new set of tires, and you need an honest trustworthy mechanic. Are you ready to find a local contractor that can remodel your basement and maybe build some custom shelves? Is it time to sell your home? Need honest advise from a lawyer who really wants to help and not just cash out? We are here to help! Everyone has heard someone else say "I know a guy!" Well, now YOU know the guys!! 

    Support Local Business Good OLD Boys NetworkWays you can support local businesses

    Buy gift cards

    As a promise to return to support them, purchase gift cards to your favorite local shops and restaurants. This puts money in the pocket of your favorite store owner today to help them cover operating expenses and to help assure a strong tomorrow.

    Shop online
    Many retailers have online shops. Use this time to check out their online offerings. Several businesses are offering discounts and/or free shipping for those that show support for local during this time.
    Reminder: Some shops that don't offer online shopping are happy to take an order over the phone and have it delivered to you during this time – so don't hesitate to ask!

    Order takeout

    Dining from home more these days? Order delivery or takeout from almost any restaurant. If you choose to avoid the crowds, call ahead and pick up – many will even deliver to your car when you arrive!

    A number of restaurants and shops are offering options for online orders, delivery or curbside pickup. Please call the business in advance as details and operations change rapidly. 

    Delivery services such as DoorDash, GrubHub or UberEats servicing Downtown restaurants are also great options. (Note: these service providers charge local business owners an average of 30% of the total sale.)

    Tip a little extra

    Have a steady paycheck? Leave a little extra cash for service workers – they especially are going to need the help. Consider a full tip on takeout orders, and leaving a little extra for the kitchen staff, too.

    If you have reservations, don't be a no-show. Restaurants plan for you to be there, and order food and staff accordingly. If you aren't going to make it, please call ahead and let them know.

    Social currency

    Spending more time online? Engage with your favorite local businesses — leave a positive Google, Yelp, or Facebook review. Like, follow, comment and engage with them on social media. It's free to you, and it helps to remind businesses that they aren't forgotten. This kind of social currency pays dividends of a different kind. Now is a fantastic time to deepen relationships with friends and neighbors that operate your favorite local businesses.


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